Cleaning and Care Instructions

Wooden Signs


(Wedding signs, guestbook signs, family name signs, etc.) 

We recommend, upon receiving your package open and inspect your items right away. Accidents happen during shipping despite our precautions, so if your items are damaged during delivery please reach out to customer service as soon as possible.

Our wooden signs are made from natural, unsealed wood. They are not intended for exposure to weather, water or sun for more than 24 hours. Wooden signs should be stored indoors when not in use. 

Unstained wood components on signs and other items can be more susceptible to inks, markers, paints and other stains, but can be lightly sanded with high grit sandpaper if it gets marks on its surface. The parts of the sign that are wood stained should not be sanded because it will remove the stain color.

You can use a gentle all-purpose cleaner or dish soap and water to spot clean the wood, but we do not recommend using paper towels because they can leave flakes behind on the wood. Avoid using any chemicals that will melt adhesive or will strip the stain from the wood. If a piece falls off of your sign, replacement pieces are available and you can be re-glued using any super glue.

For long term storage, use the shipping box you received your items in and store flat in a dry space. Extreme temperatures and moisture can cause large signs to warp.

Acrylic Signs

(Wedding signs, table numbers, table signage, etc.)

Upon receiving your sign, please carefully remove the sign from it's clear packaging. Be aware that finger prints can show very easily on acrylic, so we recommend holding the sign on its edges to avoid getting the surface dirty. Inspect the sign to be sure it is perfect, then place the sign back in the clear bag and secure it closed with the provided sticker. Acrylic signs collect lots of dust and dirt, so it's best to keep the sign in it's bag until you need it. 

Our acrylic signs are made from plexiglass and should be sturdy enough to sustain the shipping process. But, accidents happen and if your items are received damaged, please reach out to our customer service team right away.
On the day of your event, remove your sign from it's packaging. It can be cleaned using a microfiber towel and acrylic cleaner. Other cleaners like glass cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, and Goo Gone are also safe to use on acrylic. Avoid using cleaning products that contain alcohol, acetone, or any products that dissolve adhesives, these chemicals can leave marks on your sign and cause 3D components to fall off. If this occurs, you can use most super glues to reattach them.
For long term storage, use the packaging your sign was delivered in and store flat in a dry space. Extreme temperatures can cause large signs to warp.

Wooden Engraved Gifts

(Ring boxes, coasters, wooden desk name plates, etc.)

Our engraved wooden gifts are stained and sealed, then we engrave designs into them.
Upon receiving your package, open and inspect your items right away. Despite our best efforts to protect your items during shipping, accidents do happen. If you find your item was received damaged, reach out to our team right away.

When engraving your item, the laser can leave behind a dark sap residue around your design. This residue is easily removed using a gentle multipurpose cleaner. Spot clean your item with a gentle cleaner or dish soap and water. Do not submerge your item in any liquid, this can damage the wood and hardware. 

Avoid any cleaning products that contain alcohol, acetone, or any other chemical which can dissolve sealant or stain from wood, damaging your item permanently. Do not expose your items to extreme weather or sun, and store in a cool, dry place. The wood and hardware can be dented and scratched if dropped. Handle with care. 

Leatherette Engraved Gifts

(Journals, passports, coasters, flasks, notepads, etc.)

 Our leatherette products are made of a faux leather that can be engraved through to reveal a black, gold, or silver color. We do not print onto the leatherette, we engrave through it's top layer.

Upon receiving your package, please open and inspect your items and designs. Accidents can happen during shipping, so please reach out to our customer service team right away If your items  were received damaged.

Our laser will sometimes leave behind a dark residue when engraving leatherette. We do our best to clean this residue before shipping. If your item still has black residue around the design, it can be cleaned easily using a gentle multipurpose cleaner or dish soap and water.

Do not use any cleaners that contain alcohol or acetone on the surface of your item, these chemicals will dissolve the leatherette and permanently damage your item. Items like flasks and coasters can safely get wet without damaging the product. Handle your items with care, as the leatherette can be scratched and damaged.